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A household name in computing intelligence, Lenovo aims to shape a better world through technology products and solutions that serves individuals, communities, and businesses. Find all of your tech essentials and specialized tools for work, play, and learning in their wide catalogue of products.
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HF140 Half In-Ear Headset
₱292.00 ₱365.00
Lenovo QT83 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Black)
₱1,424.00 ₱1,780.00
HF130 Metal Headset
₱256.00 ₱320.00
HD200 Bluetooth Headphones (Black)
₱1,424.00 ₱1,780.00
Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigation T1s (White)
₱17,800.00 ₱22,250.00
HE05 Neckband Bluetooth Headset
₱796.00 ₱995.00
C2 Smart Watch (Black)
₱976.00 ₱1,220.00
T1s Dirt Bag Replacement for Lenovo T1s/T1s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
₱532.00 ₱665.00
TWS Headset HT28
₱1,776.00 ₱2,220.00
S2 Smart Watch (Black)
₱1,776.00 ₱2,220.00
A601 USB Hub
₱840.00 ₱1,050.00
F21 Webcam
₱1,276.00 ₱1,595.00
Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Automatic Dustbin T1s Pro (White)
₱22,220.00 ₱27,775.00
T1s Robot Vacuum Consumable Pack
₱708.00 ₱885.00
K5819 US 104-Keys Keyboard (Black)
₱1,220.00 ₱1,525.00
M120 Pro Cable Mouse (Black)
₱440.00 ₱550.00
WD06 Smart Watch (Black)
₱2,040.00 ₱2,550.00
HD800 Bluetooth Headphones
₱2,040.00 ₱2,550.00
Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Inertial Navigation E1-L (Black)
₱9,800.00 ₱12,250.00
LX0807 USB-C Hub
₱1,240.00 ₱1,550.00
HE08 Dual Dynamic Neckband Bluetooth Headset (Black)
₱1,160.00 ₱1,450.00
LX0806G USB-C Hub (Dark Gray)
₱1,736.00 ₱2,170.00
Chlorine Dioxide Effervescent Tablet (30pcs)
₱888.00 ₱1,110.00
E1-L Filter for Lenovo Robot Vacuum Cleaner
₱176.00 ₱220.00
HDMI M/M 3m (Black)
₱620.00 ₱775.00
T1s Hepa Filter for Lenovo Robot Vacuum Cleaner
₱176.00 ₱220.00
Car Style Air-Cleaning Disinfector FC101
₱1,240.00 ₱1,550.00
KM102 Keyboard and Mouse (Black)
₱1,104.00 ₱1,380.00
HDMI M/M 1.5m (Black)
₱440.00 ₱550.00
Air-Cleaning Disinfector FC202
₱1,512.00 ₱1,890.00