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When it comes to makeup, too little attention is placed on cleaning your products and making sure your tools and cosmetics are free from bacteria. And with that in mind, Laverne is changing the beauty game. Its debut product, the Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer, makes purifying both your tools and cosmetics totally convenient. Bye-bye, bacteria!

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About Laverne

Laverne is a premium cosmetic brand name under La Verne Group Inc. The company believes in two things: producing high quality organic skin care products and selling them at affordable prices to customers around the world. It takes inspiration from ingredients and recipes that include spring flowers to giving users a refreshing experience.

The brand provides a wide range of products, all forming a complete cycle of one’s makeup routine. From facial and body care, to application of makeup itself, and all the way up to its removal. Each component is carefully crafted to work with each other to bring out the best look you can achieve.

Its ingredients are specially blended for supplying nutrition and moisture to skin, with its carefully chosen active and premium natural ingredients. Each product is made with the promise to give the most valued and exclusive cosmetic experience to Laverne’s customers worldwide. As a respected cosmetics supplier in the market, the company also aims keep costs as low as possible to provide its quality cosmetics to a wide clientele.

As the company uses organic ingredients, their products do not contain any harmful chemicals and irritants. Laverne complies with the strictest international regulations regarding cosmetics. It is also committed to keeping its environmental footprint as small as possible, by using renewable ingredients that are sourced from reputable suppliers. The company does not also engage in animal testing at any part of its product development. This ensures that all its ingredients are cruelty-free from growing, sourcing, and to mixing.

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