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All-natural Laurin® is 100% CocoMCT® that provides you with sustained natural energy.

Laurin® is pure MCT or medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil that’s certified organic, non-GMO and FDA-approved.

Unlike regular coconut oil, Laurin® MCT is light and with no coconut aftertaste. It is easily digested and converted into ketones. These ketones act as your immediate energy source for your brain and body, so you can perform better and be at your 100% in your everyday roles.

Feel 100% energized all day! Make Laurin® MCT your go-to daily supplement, so that you’ll always be at your 100%!

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About Laurin

To stay beautiful and looking young, the Modern Filipina not only has to take care of her skin and looks but also her health. Local agro-chemical firm Chemrez hopes to fulfill that need with Laurin, its main brand of coconut oil product that’s geared towards improving the health and stamina of its consumers. With pure coconut oil already scientifically proven to have a host of health benefits to those who take it regularly, Chemrez takes it a step further, using only coconut oil that’s been distilled to absolute purity and healthiness. If it’s coconut oil you’re looking for, then you can’t do any better than Laurin.

Coconut oil can be taken in many different ways to enjoy its health benefits. Either take it on its own daily, or use it as a healthier alternative to cooking oil for all your dishes. You can even use it as an ointment or tonic for your skin and hair, as it has the ability to let problem spots heal while also aiding in rejuvenation.

Head on over to BeautyMNL to avail of Laurin as well as any of the thousands of cosmetic and skincare items we have in stock, all of them from genuine and reputable brands. It only takes a few clicks for you to pick out what you want in our online store before it’s shipped off to your doorstep. No more traveling to physical stores, and no more waiting either! Order now and enjoy what BeautyMNL has to offer!

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