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Lakanto draws inspiration from a group of Buddhist monks called the Luohan. The Luohan discovered and cultivated the sacred Monk Fruit, which grew only in the remote mountain highlands of China. The Monk Fruit was believed to increase one’s life energy, or “chi.”

Today, Lakanto is revolutionizing the health of the planet by creative innovative sugar-free foods that are delicious and promote vitality, well-being, and longevity. From orchard to factory, Lakanto ensures that their monk fruits are grown and processed safely and sustainably.

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About Lakanto

Monk fruit is the latest sweetener to hit the sugar alternative market. With a glycemic index of zero, monk fruit sweetener won’t spike your insulin as much as regular sugar does. Lankato’s monk fruit sweeteners are just the thing if you’re watching your sugar intake, or if you just want a different kind of sweetener for your coffee, tea, cakes, and pastries.

Check out Lakanto’s Monkfruit Golden Sweetener and Monkfruit Classic Sweetener. Both are processed to the highest standards from orchard onwards, ensuring you’ve got a sweetener that’s not just sweet but good for you as well.

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