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Lagu is the world’s first sand-repellant beach blanket. Unlike ordinary towels, Lagu’s fabric is made of polyester and woven in a way that does not hold sand or other small particles. It repels sand even when wet, ensuring you don’t displace sand (which clings to towels and are washed away in the laundry) and contribute to its depletion. Take your eco-friendly lifestyle even further with Lagu, the only beach blanket you’ll need for your life on the sand.

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About Lagu

Lagu is a brand based in Laguna known for offering the world’s first sand-repellant beach blanket. It is created by Antidote, another local company, which shares its mission of saving the Philippine beaches through helping reduce sand depletion. Apart from their signature beach blanket, Lagu also carries bags, apparel, and footwear all advocating their functional philosophy.

Lagu’s Beach Blanket takes beach-friendly to a new level - the fabric is a unique blend of polyester and linen, woven in a way that allows it to completely repel sand and other small particles even when it’s wet. The blanket is lightweight yet durable, compact and quick-folding, and absolutely versatile - it’s quick-dry material allows it to also be used as a towel or a cover-up, staying fresh after every use! With its soft allergen-free fabric, without the gritty sand, you can relax and sunbathe comfortably. The limited edition Pintados collection features gorgeous, vibrant prints of local marine animals and plants, showing off its uniquely, proudly Filipino design.

The best part? The blanket loves the beach as you do! All of Lagu’s products are eco-friendly and sustainably-made while ensuring sand stays on the beach where they belong. Get your newest beach buddy today at BeautyMNL.

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