Understanding complexion, sensitive problems like eczema (yes, eczema), and how to care for skin best, Kuu Konjac (pronounced Kon-Yak) is not just another synthetic sponge. Manufactured in Korea and trusted by the Japanese as a beauty treatment for their delicate skins for more than a century, Kuu Konjac is one of the purest Konjac Sponges in the world, as they are rich in minerals and made from volcanic-filtered water and food-grade konjac in Jeju Island in Korea. Originally created for babies, only the purest filtered water and 100% Konjac powder are used to make these all-natural, chemical-free, biodegradable, naturally sustainable, and environmentally safe sponges. Highly absorbent in both water and oil, Kuu Konjac’s sponges are excellent for thorough cleansing of impurities and neutralizing acidic areas.

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