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Kool offers eco-friendly products, reinvigorating the way sustainability is promoted so that it is also stylish, trendy, and fun. Kool’s made it their mission to marry fashion and function, providing beautiful solutions for mindful and responsible consumers in hopes of gradually transforming modern throw-away habits into a culture of reusable alternatives.

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About Kool

Kool is a local business that promotes eco-friendly living with its products designed for sustainability and portability, all while being stylish and trendy. The brand stands as a marketplace for products that support an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, whether you’re a newbie who wants to be more sensitive towards daily choices or an active voice hoping to inflict change in every step.

With a mantra that believes that “Sustainability has never been more stylish”, Kool makes it their mission to marry fashion and function all while providing innovative solutions for mindful and responsible consumers. As part of a long-term plan, it hopes to gradually transform modern habits into a culture of reusable alternatives. Kool’s line of foldable cups and bottles can keep your liquids at the right temperature you want it, all while being extremely travel-friendly and handy with its compact size. The brand also offers teepees in fun, colorful designs to promote sustainable living all while being one with nature.

Sustainability is one of the main practices being implemented in a multi-verse of brands, whether it be local or international. BeautyMNL supports this movement towards a more environment-friendly lifestyle which is evident in its wide catalog of sustainable brands. Add and add as many items into your cart and make your way into a life geared towards green living!

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