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Back in the 1927, Koji Kobayashi started a small company that sold headdresses and hair ornaments. By the late 1940’s, that same company produced Japan’s first brand of falsies, followed by the country’s first eyebrow pencil. Since then, the Koji cosmetics company has continued to grow year after year, constantly churning out quality products on the cutting edge of innovation and design. Today, Koji still produces some of the world’s most coveted makeup must-haves. As far as great companies go, Koji is one that has definitely been able to stand the test of time.


Established in 1927, Koji is a Japanese company that is renowned as the country’s first false eyelash producer, also known as the tsuke-matsuge. Drawing the inspiration from the geisha—a group of professional entertainers for the rich—it was driven by a desire to provide women with the same beauty of a geisha’s eyes. The company boasts of over 60 years of experience of making these products. Since then, it has expanded into producing a wide range of eye-related beauty products.

In 1947, their launched their first false eyelashes. These were modelled from the ones used by the geisha, who would craft their own false eyelashes by hand, using hairs from their own heads. The company used this concept for the tsuke-matsuge they would manufacture.

This same product would then be improved in 1975 with the launch of the Eyelash Mellow Type series. It featured the world’s first use of synthetic and fine pointed fibers. The end result of these materials was a product that lasted stronger than natural hair and a glossier new look.

Further enhancements were made to this signature line in 2007, when Koji launched the Speedy Eyelash series. In keeping with the company’s commitment to innovation in eye beauty, these were designed to adhere without any glue and featured a convenient one-step application.

Today, the company offers different styles and colors of false eyelash products. Whether it’s to complement or contrast your choice of cosmetics and fashion accessories, Koji has the right product to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

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