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Klavuu is the first Korean brand that utilizes natural pearl, essential oils, and marine plant extracts in their products with the goal of helping you achieve your most radiant complexion for lasting beauty.

About Klavuu

Established in 2017, Korean brand Klavuu takes its name from the mix of the words “clear” and “view,” connoting deep waters and the ocean. Uniquely formulated with ingredients extracted from the sea such as pearl essences, Klavuu’s highly-acclaimed products from boast with nature’s finest and purest elements that you can enjoy and trust.

Klavuu’s love for the ocean translates to their products and their philosophy that is grounded from the idea that we can enjoy the ocean’s gifts without destroying it. Since the 1600’s, people have been using pearl essence as part of their skincare routines for its generous amount of antioxidants, calcium, and amino acids. Today, pearl essence continues to attract cosmetic and dermatology researchers for its benefits for the skin.

If you’re still new to the brand, you might want to kick off your regimen with Klavuu’s White Pearlsation Enriched Divine Pearl Serum Mask to give your skin an instant brightening boost. With a combination of pearl and seaweed extracts, this easy-to-use sheet mask takes care of your skin’s complexion and gives it the moisture it needs to stay plump and hydrated all day long. Enjoy nature’s gifts and spoil your skin with Klavuu!

If you’re having a hard time finding Klavuu products in the market, BeautyMNL is here to help. Simply search for your favorite Klavuu product, add it to your cart, and wait while we deliver it right to your doorstep. It’s a piece of cake!

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