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Kimochi Aroma manufactures natural home health remedy products, including microwavable herbal pillows and essential oils used for aromatherapy. “Kimochi” is a Japanese word for good mood—this associates the same wonderful feeling with every use of the therapy pillows. All Kimochi Aroma products are purely hand-crafted and 100% Filipino made.

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About Kimochi Aroma

Officially launched in 2013, Kimochi Aroma offers natural home remedy products that are handcrafted and 100% Filipino-made. At present, it carries microwavable pillows, essential oils for aromatherapy, hand sanitizers, and insect repellants.

Its flagship and bestselling product, a microwavable herbal pillow, was accidentally invented in 2012 when owner Ryan Barros suffered from a dislocated shoulder. After trying several natural remedies for pain, he and his half-Japanese wife had a light-bulb moment; they created the very first microwavable herbal pillow that could ease body aches and tension. The couple turned their friends and families into converts who convinced them to sell the pillows. The rest was history.

Wrapped in special high-quality fabric, the Kimochi’s herbal pillow can be used safely as a hot and cold compress, depending on your needs. But unlike the typical heat pads, it contains a potpourri of grains, dried seeds, and peppermint extract that preserves moist heat and gives off a therapeutic effect. It is mostly used for swollen legs, menstrual cramps, stomachache, lower back pain, and stiff neck.

Enjoy holistic healing only Kimochi Aroma can give. Shop it now on BeautyMNL and get free shipping on orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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