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Slim down the healthy way with Kilo Off. This French brand of weight loss drinks and capsules is sold worldwide. Buy it now in the Philippines on BeautyMNL.

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About Kilo Off

Kilo Off is a natural supplement and weight loss plan from Laboratoires Vitarmonyl – the experts in natural food supplements. Made in France with all-natural ingredients, Kilo off has a weight loss system designed to help you slim down the healthy way. Choose among a number of products that contain a combination of 16 active ingredients that encourage weight loss as well as 10 additional vitamins. Start your weight loss journey with a revitalizing power drink, energizing capsule or a refreshing natural juice.

As everyone has a different approach when it comes to food, taking this slimming regime will help burn fat, drain water and toxins, maintain a flat stomach and reduce hunger pangs. Confused as to which one to take? The capsules are more focused on burning fat for that 24-hour effect; the powder juice is best to supplement your diet and workout; the Liquid Drink Flat Stomach aids in digestion and helps relieve bloating; and the Liquid Drink Slimming helps burn fat and drain water, perfect for rapid detox after excessive eating or sudden weight gain.

It has won the Watsons Hong Kong Slimming award for two years straight.

Launched in over 20 countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Korea, Italy, Japan and Belgium, Kilo Off is now available on BeautyMNL. Browse through our available products and get free shipping for orders worth PHP2000 or more.

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