Kayla is a Filipina beauty brand that wants to bring us the best of nature. Each of their products is made with locally-sourced ingredients that not only make us look beautiful, but also support the world around us.

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About Kayla

Kayla shows just how much local brands have come. The Baguio-based cosmetics brand aims to bring us “the best in nature”. Each of Kayla’s scents and cosmetics is made with locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring truly sustainable products for all women.

Kayla’s line of natural cosmetics includes Kayla Matte Lips, Date Night Parfumerie, Kayla Jewel Parfumerie, and Kayla Embrace Parfumerie, with more soon to be available on BeautyMNL. Thanks to their once limited availability, they’ve earned quite a niche following, especially among aficionados of sustainable, locally-produced beauty products.

You won’t have to make the trip to Baguio or find one of their few locations outside of The City of Pines to get Kayla products. You can now easily order them from BeautyMNL and have them delivered directly to your own home. Be sure to check back often for deals, updates, and new products.

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