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A relatively new cosmetics company, Karadium launched in January 2010 to help women everywhere their reveal inner beauty. With a global beauty laboratory to test out studies and do product development, the beauty brand now offers unique cosmetics that have become international bestsellers. From snail repair sunscreens to hair touch shadows and creamy blush brush sticks, Karadium has the answer to all your makeup needs.

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About Karadium

A Korean cosmetics company launched in January 2010, Karadium is a brand that’s considered “young” among its peers. But it’s already making waves in the beauty industry for its high-quality products that are unique and easy to use.

With its reliable global beauty laboratory, the company is dedicated to creating all the shades and cosmetics that a modern woman needs and wants. A professional and customer-friendly brand, Karadium is like a friend who will help you reveal the lovely lady within you.

This attitude extends to the packaging, which aims to suit all women. With a simple yet elegant black and white combo as brand colors, Karadium portrays itself as versatile. Yet it also has a few girly patterns to add a hint of cute.

Even the brand name Karadium means to express happiness and delight.

The company promises and delivers products that are tried and tested. And with cosmetics and tools that even complete beginners can use, applying makeup has never been easier or more convenient!

One such example is the Like a Movie Star One Stroke Pen Liner, which is a certified customer favorite. This is a liner that can be handled effortlessly, creating lines that do not budge. It’s a dream come true for those who have a hard time getting that sharp wing down.

However, if a makeup mishap occurs, their Makeup Remover Pen will save the day. Meanwhile, Karadium’s bestselling Oil Corrector Pact is easy-to-use yet very effective and will keep your face oil-free and fresh.

And don’t forget to get those eyebrows on fleek with their Skinny Brow Pencil! This dual-ended pencil has an ultra-thin tip to mimic exact hair strands and comes in a variety of colors.

A brand that you can count on to accentuate your natural features, reveal your inner beauty and charm everyone. That’s the power of Karadium! Buy their cosmetics now on BeautyMNL.

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