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Uniquely Filipino, Kalikhasan is a small business enterprise that distributes natural-based products. This local initiative derives its name from ‘nature’ (kalikasan) and ‘to create’ (likha), therein finding its mission—to provide an earth-friendlier alternative for a more sustainable lifestyle. Kalikhasan products range from organic insect repellents to virgin coconut oil-based massage oils, essential & fragrance oils, linen & room sprays, and cologne sprays—a great alternative for those who want to actively try to lessen their carbon footprint with eco-friendly choices.

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About Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solutions

With the mounting garbage problem in Boracay and other islands across the Philippines, the need for sustainable, less chemical everyday home and wellness products has grown as well. Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solutions was born out of the clamor for these types of products. The name says it all—’kalikasan’ meaning nature and ‘lika’ meaning to create are married together in one forward-thinking, eco-friendly brand.

The founder, a former corporate officer and mother, felt the need to make a difference in environmental impact when she moved out to Boracay Island. Noticing the dilapidation caused by trash issues, she began marketing her organic linen & room sprays, fabric conditioners, and detergents to partners on the island. Eventually, she expanded her advocacy for reducing carbon footprints to insect repellants, massage oils, fragrances, and more. Some of the bestselling earth-loving products include the Alisap Insect Repellant, Liwanag Disinfectant, Hayo Conditioner, Hanan Shampoo, and Tala Body Wash. All named in honor of things that are truly Filipino.

Having a hard time spotting Kalikhasan products in your local grocery or pharmacy? Order them online via BeautyMNL and get them shipped directly to your doorstep in the Philippines. Get free shipping on orders worth P1,500 and up!

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