Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution

In observance of the Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, our Customer Service Team will be offline on February 25, 2019. We will respond to inquiries when office hours resume on February 26, 10AM.


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Kairos Farm Muscovado Sugar specializes in producing Muscovado sugar. Muscovado sugar is a non-centrifugal sugar that is obtained from sugarcane juice through heating and evaporating. It has a very moist texture with a mild to strong molasses flavor. Moist and sticky, Muscovado feels like wet sand to the touch. Upon tasting, the first note is sweet but quickly escalates to a rich, floral bittersweet tone, leaving you with an intriguing, slightly smoky aftertaste. This complex taste profile, which excludes delightful hints of both fruit and toffee, sets Muscovado apart from plain white sugar and other types of brown sugar. Try Muscovado sugar from Kairos Farm Muscovado Sugar today!

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