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Since the first release of the Flower Jelly Lipstick, beauty brand Kailijumei has quickly become a viral hit. Their gorgeous lipsticks are made with jelly, infused with gold specks, and carry a tiny flower in the very center. When applied, this “magical” lipstick imparts a glossy pink tint that slowly changes from light to dark depending on your own unique body chemistry.

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About Kailijumei

Just when everyone thought that there were no innovations left in making lipsticks, Kailijumei came along and proved the notion wrong. With its magical flower gel lipsticks, the brand proved that these cosmetics can be just as good to look at in your beauty box as they do on your lips. With sparkling gold glitters floating in the gel and a tiny flower inside, it’s no wonder why women – especially the younger ones – were quick to give Kailijumei products a try. The magic, of course, really begins after applying the lipstick. Depending on your body chemistry, the tint of the color will lighten or darken to a hue that’s ideal for you.

Products such as the Flower Jelly Lipstick in Orange Fruit, Flower Jelly Lipstick in Barbie Doll Powder, and others have cemented the brand’s position among the most popular upmarket lipsticks. Given the high quality and unique properties of these cosmetics, it’s no wonder why women from all backgrounds are so willing to shell out more than the price of the average lipstick for a Kailijumei product.

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