Kaffea is the first coffee blend in the Philippines featuring one of the healthiest natural sweeteners in the world: coconut sugar. It’s also blended with other essential ingredients for your overall health and wellness.

About Kaffea Healthy Coffee Blend

Sweet, creamy coffee wins an A+ for taste, but it comes with a hefty requirement: several teaspoons of sugar. By default, that makes it a no-no for those with health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Here’s a local brand set on breaking that assumption: Kaffea Healthy Coffee Blend, which offers coffee that’s sweet and wellness-friendly. Formulated by a scientist well-versed in nutrition, it’s made with coconut sugar and other all-natural ingredients.

Coconut sugar is collected from the sap of the coconut palm, and it’s not chemically modified or refined at all. Out of all the types of sugar, it has the lowest glycemic index, meaning it doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels much. To top it off, it blends in well with coffee because it tastes and looks almost like brown sugar, with a subtle caramel flavor. In the award-winning Kaffea Healthy Coffee Blend, the combination of coconut sugar and coconut cream gives it the right amount of natural sweetness. It also contains L-carnitine for burning fat, collagen, and glutathione for brightening up the skin, and vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc.

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