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K-Derm sets the standard for anti-wrinkle medical cosmetic treatment. Each product is infused with revolutionary anti-aging molecule Kappa-elastin — a patented techonological innovation from in-house experts — for skin that begins to transform from the first day of use.

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About K-Derm

K-Derm is a physician-recommended formula that enhances the body’s healing process and works to fade bruises, under eye circles, spider veins, purpura, and small broken capillaries. Designed as a topical Vitamin K cream, its potent blend of ingredients sinks deep into the skin to aid blood clot by controlling the flow from broken vessels. This also helps with skin concerns like rosacea, scarring, and fine spider veins.

Apart from reducing the appearance of spider veins and dark under eye circles, K-Derm also helps to prevent bruising and can be used before and after surgical operations. This can be applied on the face and body and delivers extra hydration to the skin through its extra moisturizing properties. With its specially crafted formula, you can be sure to expect maximum results without the need for Vitamin K injections.

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