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Joan Miro

Joan Miro is a leading brand from Europe and is the initiator and practitioner of the APT Theory. In APT, A is for Art, the best way or medium for children to express themselves and they have all the freedom to do it. P is for Play, where every form of play is a good source of learning. And T is for Think because your little one’s mind is a storehouse of the brightest and greatest ideas yet to be discovered.\\
All Joan Miro products are safe for all ages—from babies to adults! They are non-toxic, washable, suitable for all ages, and all beautifully designed! Apart from the aesthetics, Joan Miro products support discovery of skills and the child’s freedom of expression in a way where they get to do it on their own and with minimal supervision.\\
Joan Miro is a great investment for parents, mentors and educators to hone their children’s skills and unleash the artist in them.
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Beeswax Crayon (12 Colors)
₱664.00 ₱830.00
Baby Roo Washable Markers (12 Colors)
Special Round Tip Washable Markers (12 Colors)
₱432.00 ₱480.00
Transfer Sticker Scenes Set - Busy City
₱256.00 ₱320.00
Step by Step Colouring Book
₱126.00 ₱140.00
Safety Scissors
₱104.00 ₱130.00
Organic Dough (12 Colors)
₱1,088.00 ₱1,360.00
Chalk-A-Doodle Book - Happy Kindergarten
Brick Building Set - Showplace
₱2,928.00 ₱3,660.00
Modeling Dough (24 Colors)
Glue Sticks (Set of 2)
₱88.00 ₱110.00
Paint Brush Kit
₱416.00 ₱520.00
Flash Stickers
My Big Doodling Book
108 Piece Puzzle
Alpabetong Flipino Ring Flash Cards
Modeling Dough (6 Colors)
Stacking Blocks - Hercules Championship
Nail Stickers (540 stickers)
₱468.00 ₱520.00
Amazing Origami Series
3D Paper Model
₱160.00 ₱200.00
Jump Rope
₱304.00 ₱380.00
Baby Roo Washable Markers (48 Colors)
3D Puzzle Pop-Up
Washable Paint (500ml)
₱272.00 ₱340.00
Geometric Blocks
Baby Roo Silky Washable Crayons (24 Colors)
₱824.00 ₱1,030.00
Dot Painting - 12 Colors
Fun Paper-Cut Art Kit
Dough Barbershop