It all started with a pair of hand-me-down jeans, crystals, and beads swiped from her mother’s box of trinkets. When the style sweetheart of Manila Designers in the 1990s, Joyce Oreña, went to work one day in jeans she embellished herself, everyone in the room wanted to buy that pair off hers. She eventually went on to creating her own brand of jewelry - JÔ - which had the same effect (times ten) as when she first wore that pair of DIY jeans. Within the first month of opening in 2002 in Manila, a customer purchased almost all of her stock! Her jewelry is also sold internationally, and she is the only Filipino designer to be stocked at a high-end concept store in Manila.

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Founded in 2002, JÔ by Joyce Oreña is a Philippine fashion accessory brand specializing in handcrafted trinkets. From necklaces, anklets and armlets, all its products are made with quality materials fit for the most discerning fashionistas.

Its founder, Joyce Oreña, is a former top model & lifestyle writer with an interest in ornamentation. Her first work was decorating a pair of hand-me-down jeans, using materials from her mother’s trinket box. She would then spend time in her ancestral home in Baguio City studying the ornamentation of the nearby Northern Luzon indigenous groups. Taking cues and encouragement from her colleagues in the fashion industry, she eventually went on to creating her own brand of jewelry named JÔ.

Joyce Oreña is not the only Filipina designer to be stocked at a high-end concept store in Manila—her jewelry is also sold internationally.

On the design side, the colors and patterns of all JÔ accessories contain references and cues to the weaver’s culture. This level of detail is also reflected in the methodical work that goes into these fabrics. They showcase intricate ornamentation, meticulous patterns and references to stories from the classical world of Filipino mythology.

As fashion accessories, each one is versatile and made to suit a number of colors and styles. Some are even convertible, meaning you can change them from necklaces into several armlets. You can wear them as part of your personal fashion statements, or even use them to decorate your bags and apparel.

And don’t worry about these accessories falling apart. Each trinket made by Joyce Oreña is guaranteed to be durable, as they’re made from the toughest components.

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