J. Friend Artisan Honey creates delicious products that reflect their values of honesty and integrity. While significantly restricting the beekeepers they can work with, being certified organic has afforded them a niche point of view from which to start a conversation with customers. They are committed to reducing negative impact on the environment and ensuring the planet’s future survival for generations to come. J. Friend Artisan Honey is part of the carbon south certification program.

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About J. Friend Artisan Honey

Originating from the green pastures of New Zealand, J. Friend Artisan Honey began when partners Sharyn Woodnorth and Jeremy Friend discovered local honey from roadside stalls during a long drive from Auckland to Christchurch. Soon after Sharyn fell in love with the unique tastes that she encountered, the duo started sampling honey from different regions and building relationships with the beekepers who would later teach and educate them about the craft of honey making.

Unlike commercial brands that process their products heavily, J. Friend Artisan Honey does not fine filter their honey to include the pollens and waxes that add to its unique texture and composition. The brand believes that each bottle of their honey must possess a unique character, and this is why the brand avoids blending honey from different regions or origins. By doing so, every depth and flavor distinct from their beekeepers’ farms are maintained and preserved for consumers to enjoy. Experience a whole new level of well-crafted goodness with J. Friend Artisan Honey!

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