Classic soap brand Ivory has been around for 130 years, which probably means you, your mom, and your grandma love it. Made from 99.44 percent pure ingredients instead of synthetic materials, you can be sure that every bar of Ivory is cleansing, conditioning, and nourishing your skin—just the way it deserves. Made in the USA.

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Ivory is a personal care brand created by US-based company Procter & Gamble. Originally a soap bar formulated in 1878 by James Gamble and his associates, it was initially called P&G White Soap. However, co-founder Harley Procter insisted the new white soap deserved a more distinctive name, one that would be easier to recall.

After weeks of consideration and rejection of a variety of names, Procter took inspiration from a Bible passage and settled on the name ““Ivory.”” In October 1879, the first bar was sold. This would eventually become famous for its claim of purity and its ability to float in water.

The brand’s claim of purity was strengthened in the 1800s when samples of Ivory soap bars were sent to college chemistry professors and independent laboratories for analysis. Comparison tests were then made with the leading soap brand at that time. One of these involved listing the soap bar’s ingredients by percentage in a table format. It was from here that Procter came up with the slogan ““99-44/100% Pure: It Floats.”” This slogan then became a pledge of quality to Ivory consumers. It has become so identified with Ivory that it was registered with the Canadian Trademarks Office.

Ivory soap’s formula would later be improved in October 1992, when Procter & Gamble market-tested a new skin care bar that would address customer complaints about dryness. Today, the brand offers many varieties of its white and mildly scented bar soap. Over the years, the brand expanded to creating different products, including a liquid hand soap, a body wash, hair & body wash, dish liquid, and a mild laundry detergent.

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