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Brought to you by One Infinite Asia Pacific Enterprise, Inc.—which imports and distributes beauty devices in the Philippines—the Ipura Facial Mist Sprayer helps provide on-the-go skin hydration anywhere, anytime. This rechargeable and portable container features nanotechnology in the form of an atomizer that breaks down water particles to generate a 0.3-0.5 micrometer ultra fine mist for better absorption by skin. With the Ipura Facial Mist Sprayer, you can carry your fave formulas with you anywhere!

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About Ipura

Facial mists not only provide that spray of refreshment unto your face but it improves the appearance of your skin together with giving it that dewy, natural glow. There’s no better way than refreshing tired skin and lifting spirits by a few spritz care of the ever-reliable face mist.

Living in a tropical country where we are faced with extremely humid temperature, having dry skin is inevitable. Thanks to facial mists, it can give your skin that much-needed spray of coolness without the feeling of being overly drenched. For makeup lovers, facial mist isn’t something new. It is used often as the last step in putting makeup – used as a setting spray to put all your make-up compact and in place.

Ipura Facial Mist Sprayer is the perfect handy, on-the-go skin hydration tool that you can bring with you anytime, anywhere. Unlike most facial sprays that are disposable and run out quickly since it relies on the product contained in the container, Ipura is a refillable, rechargeable, and portable device. It features nanotechnology in the form of an atomizer that breaks down huge water particles to generate extremely fine, refreshing mist for better skin absorption.

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