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II Cane Organics is a startup company that gets its name from their main product’s sole source: sugarcane. II Cane Organics’ main objective is to bring nature’s sweetness to every household. Their muscovado is produced with single-origin sugarcanes, which are processed in a state-of-the-art facility that abides by international GMP standards. All produce is sustainably farmed and packed in the sugar capital of the Philippines, Negros Islands.

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About II Cane Organics

II Cane Organics, quite literally, lets you rock like they did centuries ago. This sugar startup specializes in organic Muscovado sugar rocks, cubes, and powder. Muscovado is a raw form of sugar that contains all the essential minerals and nutrients missing from modern refined sugar. This natural sugar is very much exactly what our ancestors had before the modern era. All of II Cane Organics sugars are processed in high-tech facilities that follow international GMP standards, giving you all the old-fashioned natural goodness with the modern hygiene we demand.

II Cane Organics’ Muscovado Rocks, Muscovado Powder, and Muscovado Cubes are all available on BeautyMNL. All this natural sweetness is sustainably farmed and packaged in Negros Island.

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