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Hwa Tai has over 55 year expertise of baking quality halal biscuits. Our biscuits have no transfat, no cholesterol, no artificial coloring, and no MSG. Hwa Tai delivers its own taste of cracker that is simply delicious and pleasing. It contains vitamins, calcium, and iron. Perfect for snacking on the go or for pairing with coffee & tea.

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About Hwa Tai

Hwa Tai is a premier Malaysian cookie and cracker manufacturing company producing the best quality products for its customers for more than 50 years of experience in the industry. From obtaining each brand’s raw materials to putting it on each supermarket’s shelves, Hwa Tai has upheld high standards from all of its skilled and dedicated staff to assure quality products across the globe.

With an ever-growing international market, Hwa Tai offers a range of products such as the ever-famous Luxury Crackers, childhood favorite Marie Biscuit, and other scrumptious treats like D’Cream Sandwich, D’Layer Cakes, and Tutti Frutti Cookies. Hwa Tai products can be found in nearly all local and international shops ranging from your friendly neighborhood stalls to big-chain supermarkets, fast food chains, airlines, and of course – through online shopping. Hwa Tai products are the perfect treat for any age – whether it be for a quick snack break or dessert.

You can never go wrong with having a quick delicious bite from a cookie or a cracker! Avail of Hwa Tai’s classic treats from BeautyMNL’s Wellness catalog, offering delicious and healthy snacks for your everyday consumption. Simply browse through the online platform’s wide array of choices – whether it be original or flavored with a twist – BeautyMNL’s got the perfect treat for you!

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