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Inspired by Brave New World’s author Aldous Huxley, new K-beauty brand Huxley has become a skincare sensation, thanks to its innovative and game-changing products. The brand utilizes hydrating cactus oils, which have made their moisturizers a market bestseller and shot the brand to cult-fave status amongst Korean beauty mavens.

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About Huxley

Not to be confused with the famous English writer, Huxley is a Korean skin care brand that rose to fame with its innovative products. Using cactus oil essences for beauty may sound like a novel idea, but it’s actually clinically proven to work. This is an instance when you can safely say that whatever it is that keeps these desert plants lush even in the most arid environments also keeps human skin healthy and looking great even in dry, polluted urban locales.

With products such as its Secret of Sahara Cream: Fresh and More, Secret of Sahara Healing Mask: Keep Calm, Secret of Sahara Toner: Extract It, and others, Huxley has gained a very loyal and quickly growing international following. In the Philippines, more and more women are realizing the products’ powerful skin care benefits especially in a tropical country like ours where skin can dry up due to direct sunlight, warm breezes dust, and other factors.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to drop by the mall or pharmacy to check if Huxley products are available. BeautyMNL makes things a lot easier through its online store. Now, all you need to do is browse our online store, place and order and we’ll do the rest to get your Huxley goodies delivered quickly and in perfect condition.

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