Hugger bags were built to protect and securely carry your precious belongings—gadgets, laptops, cameras, and you name it! Made from non-toxic and PVC-free materials, each bag is environment-friendly as well as durable, lightweight, and soft to the touch. Discover the style, comfort, and convenience of Hugger at BeautyMNL!

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Hugger is a UK-based brand that specializes in stylish, yet environmentally friendly bags. It was founded in Liverpool, England by a hobbyist who started designing bags at the age of thirteen. Eventually, his nickname ““Hugger”” became name of his business. Starting small by selling his handmade products to retail stores, this brand is now available worldwide.

Its products are guaranteed to be water-resistant yet durable enough to carry your gear safely, whatever the weather conditions you face. This is thanks to its special double coating on the outside and inside of the bag. They are also made to be 40% lighter than regular polyester and nylon bags. This means that even at full capacity, you still have a relatively easy load to carry.

But their bags are not only designed to make carrying your stuff convenient. As part of the community, Hugger believes that the growth of its business doesn’t have to sacrifice environmental safety. It is committed to providing a sustainable standard of living for our planet, which is why its innovatively designed bags are made using only bio-friendly components.

Among the materials it avoids are PVCs, which are currently recognized as the most environmentally damaging of all plastics. After all, the use of PVC in all stages of its lifecycle—from production, use, to its disposal—result in the release of toxic, chlorine-based chemicals. These end up contaminating the human food chain, because these chemicals can then build up in the water we drink and the air we breathe. And yet, millions of tons of this material was used for decades as the common backing material for fabrics used in bags and luggage.

Hugger also avoids the use of chlorine, AZOs, dioxins, and heavy metals. It uses no ozone depleting substances and complies with the latest European trade regulations.

With these initiatives to protect the environment, switching to the use of a Hugger bag is much more than just a fashion statement. So get your own Hugger bag on BeautyMNL today! Order now and get free shipping for orders worth PHP 2,000 and above.