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House of Crisps is the product of a stay-at-home mom who made the commitment to produce the yummiest crisps around. And it’s safe to say, the local label lives up to its promises. Their Salted Egg Crips are not only the first local variety in the Philippines, they’re also one of the most sought after. But despite the demand of House of Crisps’ products, they’re all lovingly homemade in small batches with the best ingredients to ensure maximum quality in each and every bag.

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About House of Crisps

Artisan chips are all the rage these days, particularly salted egg chips. House of Crisps adds their own home-style, wholesome twist to this modern classic snack food, being one of the top local small-batch brands of salted egg chips on the market today. They used to be incredibly hard to score – now thanks to BeautyMNL, you can quickly and easily find the salted egg chips of your dreams.

Find House of Crisps Salted Egg Tubs here on BeautyMNL. These yummy chips come in a tub so be sure to share it with your friends and family!

BeautyMNL makes it easy to get the artisan small-batch snacks that you used to go out of your way for. Our easy-to-use search and order system makes it incredibly get all the gourmet snacks you never had the time to find.

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