Homegrown is a Filipino wellness brand that combines nutritional fruits and medicinal herbs to create healthy juice drinks your body can benefit from. Their masterfully blended beverages bring about a burst of natural, awesome-tasting flavors that are unique and original.

About Homegrown

Combining the freshness of tropical fruit flavors with the many health benefits of herbs and tea, Homegrown offers drinks that not only taste good, but are actually beneficial to your health, too. Enjoy refreshing yet guilt-free beverages without spending exorbitant amounts on fancy, imported products that do the exact same thing.

Try Homegrown’s Guyabano Tea Leaf Drink which refreshes you deeply with its natural flavor. Not everyone likes tea and not everyone likes guyabano, but when combined in a beverage, the resulting drink is surprisingly appealing to a palates with very diverse preferences.

The best part? Homegrown products are available online at BeautyMNL. That means you won’t have to endure punishing heat or annoying rains regardless what time of year it is. Simply place your order and our delivery team will carry Homegrown beverages right to your doorstep.

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