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Widely used in cosmetics and beauty shops all over Korea, Hi-Cotton premium quality pads are dual-function round pads with a unique wave print on one side. This Dual Wave pattern effortlessly removes makeup and dirt, while the plain, smooth side applies toner and lotion to skin. This essential skincare and makeup accessory is definitely a must-have for your vanity.

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Hi-Cotton Round Pads HI-COTTON
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About Hi-Cotton

Using high-quality cotton pads are of utmost importance for the proper and thorough cleansing of the face. Keeping a low quality cotton pad means sweeping harsh material unto your face and leaving traces of cotton that fall of the pad or puff, which can be very harmful to the skin. Not only does residue increase the potential for irritation but it also prevents other products to fully absorb into your skin. To add to this, certain cotton contains harmful dyes and chemical additions which can harm the skin and bring in bacteria and clog pores.

Hi-Cotton Round Pads is made up 100% pure absorbent cotton, dermatologist-recommended, and guaranteed not to leave any residue. With Hi-Cotton’s Dual Wave pattern, you can effortlessly remove makeup and dirt using one side and use the smooth cotton side to apply your necessary skin products like toner, essence, and moisturizer.

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