Helix-D is one of the most technologically advanced skincare solutions in the world, with a revolutionary skincare product that makes use of the double helix. In addition to this groundbreaking delivery mechanism, Helix-D also contains ample “Power Peptides,” Matrikines, potent antioxidants, water-magnet skin hydrators, skin soothers, and skin smoothers. Experience the amazing benefits of this prestige skincare brand today!

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About Helix-D

Created by a team of scientists and technology experts, Helix-D is “The Science of Beauty” that establishes 21st Century skincare. With dual liposome technology, Helix-D technology concentrates on where they are needed to improve the look of aging and damaged skin.

Their products available here on BeautyMNL are Ageless Eye Serum that lightens the look of dark circles, reduce fine lines and reduces puffiness; and Ageless Face Serum that prevents wrinkles and smoothens skin tone appearance. These products are concentrated, they show that a little goes a long way and with proven long-term results. The formula contains power peptides to smooth the surface and reduce wrinkles, collagen-protecting anti-oxidants to fight free radicals, and collagen-nourishing super-hydrators that deeply penetrate the skin.

With their prestige formula, the brand assures 100% potency compared to other products that sit longer on the shelf giving you the most use for your skin. The dual liposome technology helps keep the full potency of its actives until they come in contact with the skin.

Helix-D is fast-acting, effective and has long-term results. It synergistically targets all core aging mechanisms simultaneously.

Give yourself a daily spa treatment at the comforts of your own home. Achieve youthful and beautiful skin with Helix-D products here on BeautyMNL! All ingredients you’d expect from a prestige skincare brand. Get free shipping for orders worth PHP2000 or more.

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