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Healthy Monster is a local company that provides solutions to common problems with essential oils. Their unique essential oil mixtures provide help alleviate problems such as the flu, insect bites, and more. Use Healthy Monster on both you and your kids to experience the power of essential oils.

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About Healthy Monster

Healthy Monster started in 2013, when owner Nikki Teves got into on-the-go salads as a weight management solution. She shared her salads in jars to her close friends, steadily gaining an audience due to their organic and locally-sourced ingredients and scrumptious, homemade dressing. Since then, Healthy Monster became synonymous to the salad-in-a-jar concept, advocating that being busy doesn’t mean you cannot be healthy. It has since expanded to a full line of wellness products including cold-pressed juices and essential oil blends for adults and children.

Their “rollies”—essential oil blends specially crafted for kids and babies—are beloved as alternative, organic wellness solutions. Healthy Monster believes that these age-old remedies aren’t a trend - they’re tried and tested, proven to boost immunity, improve sleep, give relief against common ailments such as coughs and colds, and protects against mosquitoes. There are 5 variants of the blends - Ouchie Hot, Buzzed Out, ZZZ You Later, Sneezing Storm, and Super Monster Strength - which are all made with premium essential oils and fractionated coconut oil safe for your little ones. They’re especially great when used together!

Use it for yourself, for your little one, and for the entire family. Experience the magic of essential oils with Healthy Monster, now available on BeautyMNL.

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