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From The Land of Smiles comes Harnn, a luxury home and beauty line that promises to make your life a little more peaceful. Enjoying a cult following in its motherland and immense popularity around South East Asia, this Thai lifestyle brand advocates a holistic approach to well-being. Powered by a blend of traditional herbal medicine and scientific research, Harnn uses natural botanicals in its face, body, hair, and home care collections to ensure you and your surroundings get the best kind of treatment. Get first dibs on their Asian-inspired goodies right here on BeautyMNL.

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Head & Shoulders is an American anti-dandruff shampoo produced by parent company Procter & Gamble. This was the first shampoo brand to use the active ingredient zinc pyrithione (ZPT) in treating dandruff.

Research for this particular shampoo began in 1950, where Procter and Gamble’s scientists spent nearly a decade into making this new formula. Once completed, it was first introduced to the US market in November 1961 as a blue-green colored shampoo. To gain more knowledge and improve the effectivity of this signature ingredient, ZPT underwent several tests. In 1969, the first clinical trial proved that it is as effective as any previous prescription anti-dandruff treatment.

Over the next few years, Head & Shoulders spearheaded the innovation for anti-dandruff technology and shared their products with the rest of the world. In 1971, scientists assigned to the brand were the first to discover that the root cause for dandruff to develop involved two things: the organism Malassezia Globosa and lipids. A few years later, its scientists were able to discover the ZPT molecule’s exact composition using crystal structure analysis in 1977. This would become the basis for adapting it for different products.

The expansion of Head & Shoulders to different markets began in 1981 where the brand launched its first products in Mexico. This continued all the way to the global markets throughout the 80’s where its distribution network grew to include China, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. Four years later, other variants of the shampoo were developed for oily and dry hair types.

On its 50th anniversary, Head & Shoulders is now a major presence at the World Congress of Dermatology. Today, nine out of 10 dermatologists interviewed at the congress said they would recommend Head & Shoulders as an effective anti-dandruff product.

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