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Halo + Halo is the unbelievably brilliant brainchild of House of Laurel and Parsons alumna Cara Sumabat. Getting its name from the famous Filipino dessert, Halo + Halo is an ode to all things local — from materials, to craftsmanship, and even to folklore (with bags named Kapre and Manananggal). With the launch of her debut collection, Halo + Halo offers a medley of bags that are every bit indigenous, quirky, yet incredibly chic; you can’t help but be captivated by these one-of-a-kind creations.

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About Halo + Halo

Launched in August 2013, Halo + Halo is a bag brand that gets its name from the traditional Filipino dessert. Founded by siblings Cara and Rocco Sumabat, the brand got its name from its inquisitive approach to the use of traditional and recycled materials.

At the core of the brand’s philosophy is the impulse to create products that were more versatile than leather in certain situations. As such, Halo + Halo has a unique approach to using different kinds of materials such as recycled plastic, neoprene, canvas, and jute. All of these are then shaped to match the designs of modern trends and styles.

The result is a collection of mixed media bags and accessories: from a jute backpack with a woven base of recycled plastic mats, to a canvas duffel with leather straps and a brass finish.

This creativity comes as no surprise. After all, Cara Sumabat not only has roots in fashion marketing and leather accessories; she is also the designer and owner of cult bag brand Wabisabi. Halo + Halo was originally just an experiment.

Today, Halo + Halo caters to anyone who appreciates Filipino culture and people who take pride in the use of homegrown goods. The brand offers a distinctively Filipino aesthetic, but by using common everyday materials, each piece presents a pragmatic style. Unlike other designer bags, you get a highly durable and environment-friendly piece that helps carry your belongings safely.

On top of that, the brand has also launched a range of new products to complement their bags. These include pouches, garment bags, and even home accessories such as mats and coasters.

Now you too can avail of these highly practical yet stylish products. Browse through BeautyMNL’s selection of Halo + Halo products to find the right bag for your needs. Order yours today!