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Hakuhodo provides high-quality, handcrafted Japanese makeup brushes that are world-renowned. Each brush or “fude”” makes use of natural hair tips (instead of laser-cut ones) that are softer and lighter on skin. Also, each “fude” is shaped by hand (which evenly distributes bristles throughout) and contains 100% natural hair with no fillers. The result: perfect control with the gentlest touch.
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Kokutan Powder Brush M
Kokutan Eyebrow
Hakuhodo Eyebrow Brush
₱1,960.00 ₱2,450.00
Round and Flat Blush Brush
₱4,200.00 ₱5,250.00
Kokutan Eyeshadow ML
Kokutan Eyeshadow Brush L
Kokutan Blush Brush SG
Powder and Liquid Brush
₱4,360.00 ₱5,450.00
Round Blush Brush
₱3,520.00 ₱4,400.00