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GynePro Feminine Wash is the powerful antiseptic solution that works 2x better vs. other antiseptic feminine wash brands in killing bacteria to conquer red day odor, itch, and infection.

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NEW! 3 "Fresh" Sets That Will Bring Out Your Best Self

NEW! 3 "Fresh" Sets That Will Bring Out Your Best Self

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About GynePro

Personal hygiene for women is more than just keeping unpleasant body odor away. It doesn’t end with bathing—special care and attention are required in maintaining the cleanliness of our external genitalia. That’s where GynePro comes in.

GynePro is an OB-Gynecologist-tested and recommended feminine wash by Unilab. Its gentle formula provides daily protection from irritations, infections, and itching, especially on red days (a.k.a menstruation period). Women also use it during pregnancy, menopause, and childbirth for extra care.

In the Philippines, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is one of the two most common feminine care problems experienced by Filipinas—at any age or lifestyle. This imbalance in vaginal bacteria can create odor or foul smell that affect one’s confidence. GynePro contains 0.2% of Chlorhexidine digluconate, a gentle antiseptic ingredient that combats bacteria build-up, to keep your intimate area feeling and smelling fresh.

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