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Green Silo offers the finest organic quinoa straight from Ecuador. They utilize a triple-wash process, leaving their quinoa with more fiber and nutrients than what’s regularly available on the market. Certified organic and GMO-free, Green Silo’s quinoa makes the perfect substitute for your everyday grains.

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Founded in 2016, Green Silo makes healthier eating well within reach. It offers heirloom quinoa from Ecuador, natural cacao nibs and native adlay (or heritage grain) from the Philippines, and premium chia seeds from South America.

Green Silo’s Quinoa is a bestseller for a reason. The seed is light, gluten-free, and goes well with other ingredients. Quinoa recipes abound and include variations of salads, soups, slaws, and tacos that are equal parts guilt-free and tasty. And if there’s anyone who can cook the best quinoa dish, it has got to be Filipinos.

Any Pinoy dish (or “ulam”) isn’t complete without rice—we just can’t get enough of it! If you’re looking for a substitute for your everyday grains, Quinoa is your best bet. Unlike rice, it’s less fattening yet rich in protein and all nine essential amino acids. In other words, it keeps you full longer without that bloated feeling.

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