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From organic coffee to organic turmeric powder mixes, the Great Basket Brand settles for nothing less than the best, enforcing strict measures to ensure that every product passes their high standards. They work closely with partners that put a premium on quality, and are committed to providing exceptional products to all their consumers. Their flagship product, Great Basket Instant Brew Drip Coffee, is a testament to their dedication to quality and innovation. Extensive research, which includes coffee cupping and scouring the country for the best organic coffee and turmeric plantations, is done beforehand to make sure their products are top-notch.

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Distributed by Gran Pannier, Great Basket offers organic and all-natural coffee blends, turmeric powder, and green coffee. But it’s best known for its premium quality and handpicked coffee from the cool Philippine mountains.

If you love a good cup of freshly brewed coffee from your neighborhood coffee shop but can’t make the trip, the Instant Brew Drip Coffee provides a great alternative. It’s made from premium Arabica and Robusta beans that are rich in flavor with notes of dark chocolate. If you’re trying to stay fit without giving up coffee and tea, Great Basket’s Green Coffee Tea is right up your alley. It’s rich in antioxidants and even promotes weight loss.

Great Basket borrowed the drip coffee technology from Japan. To adapt to Japanese’s fast-paced lifestyle, the pour-over method was innovated into instant drip bags. It was love at first sip—you get that great coffee taste in a fast, convenient, and affordable way. Soon enough, it has influenced other countries, including the Philippines.

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