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Since their humble beginnings in 1950, Slovenian brand Gornje draws from their traditional roots and European values to bring unique, premium appliances to your home. With products designed by world-famous designers, such as Philippe Strack and Ora-Ito, Gorenje is committed to creating household appliances of exceptional standards, with beautiful aesthetics and intuitive function. They have expanded into a multinational corporation and remain one of the leading European manufacturers of home appliances, and for good reason—their mission is to improve and simplify the lives of people in over 90 countries around the globe.
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Waffle & Cupcake Maker
₱3,449.00 ₱4,599.00
Gorenje Kitchen Scale Karim Rashid Collection KT10KARIMLED
₱2,699.00 ₱3,599.00
Gorenje by Ora Ito Electric Kettle K15ORAW
₱4,979.00 ₱8,299.00
Vacuum Sealer
₱7,349.00 ₱9,799.00
Chef's Collection Cookware Set
₱15,899.00 ₱21,199.00
Pizza Set - Baking Stone PBS02S
Steam Sterilizer [ST550BY]
₱5,249.00 ₱6,999.00
Grill Plate
₱4,499.00 ₱5,999.00
Gorenje by Ora Ito Hand Blender HB600ORAW
₱6,449.00 ₱8,599.00
Gorenje Wok Chef's Collection CWWA01HC
₱4,874.00 ₱6,499.00
Gorenje by Ora Ito Desktop Kitchen Scale KT10ORAB
₱3,449.00 ₱4,599.00
Gorenje by Ora Ito Electric Kettle K15ORAB
₱4,979.00 ₱8,299.00
Food Dehydrator FDK500GCW
₱5,249.00 ₱6,999.00
Gorenje Induction Cooker (ICE2000SP)
₱6,899.00 ₱9,199.00
Gorenje Electric Kettle Karim Rashid Collection K15KARIM
₱3,959.00 ₱6,599.00
Gorenje Electric Kettle Infinity Collection K17INF
₱3,719.00 ₱6,199.00
Aluminum Cookware Set
₱7,274.25 ₱9,699.00
Vacuum Sealer Container
₱2,999.00 ₱3,999.00
Retro Collection Hand Blender
₱4,274.00 ₱5,699.00
Gorenje Smoothie Maker BSM600GCW
₱2,999.00 ₱3,999.00
Gorenje Toaster Karim Rashid Collection T900KARIM
₱3,329.00 ₱5,549.00
Gorenje Yogurt Maker JM20W
₱2,999.00 ₱3,999.00
Gorenje Personal Scale Karim Rashid Collection OT180KARIM LED
₱4,349.00 ₱5,799.00