Ever wished you could have a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink that relieves stress and helps you sleep better? With Good Night Drink, you can finally get all that and wake up feeling refreshed and rested. It all began when one of its founders, who had a fear of flying, had to return from a trip with his wife and co-founder, Alexandra. Feeling uneasy about the upcoming flight home, he wished for something to help him relax and hopefully sleep through the journey. Alexandra, a medical student at the time, grew frustrated with the lack of options for a healthy, calming, comforting, and sleep-inducing drink. So the pair started researching and in the span of almost 2 years, their dream was realized and the first can of Good Night Drink came to fruition. It may have taken that long to find the perfect combination of ingredients but now, you can finally enjoy the perfect drink to put you to sleep.

About Good Night Drink

Preserving your looks doesn’t just mean having your own regimen of skin care and beauty products, you also need ample amounts of sleep as well – at least eight hours every day. If you find yourself having difficulty reaching that amount of sleep, then Good Night Drink, a drinkable sleeping aid that hails from Slovakia, may be of some use to you. Sporting only natural ingredients and zero sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors, Good Night Drink is a healthy way to ensure a good night’s sleep without the heavy or addictive feeling you get with typical OTC sleeping aids.

To use Good Night Drink effectively, all you need to do is drink the entire can 30-45 minutes before sleep. As it is not a sedative or anything of the sort, its effects are subtle and slow, rather than simply knocking you out five minutes after consumption. Instead, it first relaxes you enough for sleep, thanks to its first main ingredient, namely Lemon Balm. From there, the bitter hops content of the drink will lull you to sleep and keep you asleep for as long as you need to be, ensuring that you wake up fresh and energized later.

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