“From the forward thinking and innovative minds of BiotechJP that produced low-protein and ready-to-eat rice, comes a new product made using Japanese technology where you can get the best out of nourishment and beauty: GohanLite, a calorie-reduced and high fiber pre-cooked rice. GohanLite is a healthy source of carbohydrates that is nutritious and filling due to its high fiber content but is low in calories for a weight loss diet. GohanLite has the advantage of being high in fiber than other processed ready-to-eat rice products, making it a healthier choice if you are trying to lose weight. This is a low calorie option that we recommend for patients with diabetes and hypertension since it can provide a winning mix of nutrients that the body needs to perform its best. We believe that rice remains the staple choice in this low-carb craze era if you know what to look for. So start your guilt-free diet today! GohanLite, it won’t just quell your hunger pangs but will keep you fit on the go.”

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