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Gentro International Products, Inc. follows the principles of “quality first” and provides the best products that are suitable for the Philippine market. Giggles is a fame local brand that aims to provide quality personal care products to Filipinos.

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About Giggles

Giggles baby wipes are one of those underrated necessities. The country’s most popular brand of moist wipes and towelettes is now available here on BeautyMNL. Most of us are already familiar with Giggles for their packaging. as a local quality brand that is a leader in the local moist wipes market. Use Giggles wipes for removing makeup, and for a better way to clean your intimate areas.

Order Giggles Unscented Baby Wipes and Baby Wipes - Powder Scent, only here at BeautyMNL. You’re sure to find infinite uses for these iconic moist wipes.

You no longer have to rush to the store to get your stash of moist towelettes. Thanks to BeautyMNL, you can simply order as many as you need and have them all shipped directly to your address, wherever you are in the country.

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