Garden of Eatin’ provides one of the most popular tortilla chips in the world. The company aims to create nutritious snack options made with natural and organic ingredients—and with great success. Currently, Garden of Eatin’ has over 20 varieties of all-natural tortilla and continues to expand their assortment. Shop it now on BeautyMNL!

About Garden of Eatin'

Almost 35 years ago, Al Jacobson founded Garden of Eatin’ with the goal of giving the world great tasting snacks that won’t do any damage to their health. Thought of as a visionary, Jacobson was always forging his own path. Between his crucial growing up years spent on a farm, to his experimental years dabbling in all things spiritual, the Garden of Eatin’ founder was always inclined toward the offbeat.

His inventive mind led to the development of his own health food company, which carries his signature Blue Corn Chips to this day. The brand hasn’t lost its charm nor has it lost sight of its mission since its early days. Made with organic, sustainably farmed corn, expeller pressed oil, cooked with pure, filtered water, and Kosher certified, Garden of Eatin’s assortment is a dream come true for the healthy snacker.

For tortilla chips that are better than you could ever expect, give Garden of Eatin’ a big ol’ nibble. Shop the brand on BeautyMNL and get free shipping for orders worth P1,500+!

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