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UV rays, dry environment, air pollution exposure, work/life stress, irregular sleep patterns, vices, changing weather environment, and negative ingredients in commercial makeup and skincare takes its toll on our skin. Thankfully, there’s an anti-pollution skincare brand from Korea. G9Skin offers solutions that address the modern challenges your skin faces due to urban living and negative environmental elements. Their power ingredient, the G9 Complex, is a skin-purifying complex that features a blend of extracts from lotus, ivy, pine needle, eucalyptus, oregano leaf, chlorella, hibiscus petal, chia seed, and green tea. Nourish, repair, and improve your skin’s health to protect against urban skin stress with G9Skin.

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Azulene & Zinc Light Serum G9SKIN
₱1,150.00 ₱795.00
Collagen & Panthenol Serum G9SKIN
₱1,150.00 ₱795.00
Coenzyme Q10 & Vit. E Serum G9SKIN
₱1,150.00 ₱795.00
White in Milk Sun G9SKIN
₱795.00 ₱595.00
White in Milk Toner G9SKIN
₱895.00 ₱700.00
Hyaluronic Acid Light Serum G9SKIN
₱1,150.00 ₱795.00
White in Milk Capsule Serum G9SKIN
₱945.00 ₱350.00
White in Whipping Cream G9SKIN
₱945.00 ₱750.00
White In Milk Mild Foam G9SKIN
₱315.00 ₱275.00
AC Solution Cream G9SKIN
Sold Out Waitlist
Grapefruit Vita Peeling Gel G9SKIN
₱699.00 ₱399.00
Sold Out Waitlist
Arbutin & Glutathione Serum G9SKIN
₱1,150.00 ₱350.00
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About G9Skin

When you’re a career woman living in the metro, pollution is an inevitable factor that you need to face in your daily life. While it’s something that you can’t escape unless you fly out for a long weekend in places surrounded with fine greenery, you can always prevent it from damaging your skin by using products that combat pollution, just like G9Skin.

Officially launched in 2016 under Cosmelab Co., Ltd, G9Skin boasts of a wide range of products that are specifically formulated to fight off the harmful effects of high-stress and high-pollution environments that come with city living. Using nine essential ingredients including chia seeds, lotus, ivy, eucalyptus oil, oregano leaves, pine needle, chlorella, hibiscus petal, and green tea extracts, G9Skin stays away from unfamiliar, synthetic products and sticks with natural remedies to help your skin rejuvenate from the effects of stress and pollution. Enjoy the perks of city life minus the skin damage with G9Skin!

For active gals who are hustling and bustling day in and day out, try the G9Skin White In Milk Toner to gently strip away all the dirt from your face when you cleanse at night. All G9Skin products are available here at BeautyMNL, so you can easily mix and match your favorite anti-pollution products for the ultimate clean and green feel!

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