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Freshel is a Japanese skincare series that offers thirst-quenching moisture to revitalize and refresh your complexion. Each product works to deliver intense hydration to minimize the appearance of lines, dryness, and other signs of skin aging. Aside from their skincare line, they also carry base makeup that covers up the look of blemishes and dark spot visibility for a smooth, natural finish. Discover silky, supple, and visibly radiant skin with Freshel.

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About Freshel

Skincare doesn’t have to be time-consuming—it can just as easily fit into a busy schedule. That’s the message at the core of Freshel, which advocates for efficient, practical skincare. Owned by Kanebo, a top Japanese brand with both local and international cosmetics, Freshel prides itself on skincare and base makeup products that are effective, multi-functional, and hassle-free. True to its name, all of its products boost skin moisture for an anti-aging effect, leading to supple, radiant skin. They also smell lovely since they’re infused with 100% natural fragrance.

Streamline your daily beauty regimen with Freshel’s Mineral BB Cream. The magic of it is that it functions as 5-in-1. This multitasking cream serves as essence, emulsion, cream, sunscreen, and tinted makeup base. Apply this right after washing your face, dab on lotion, and you’re ready to go! How’s that for convenience? Three of its variants are Ex, UV, and Moist, each with a different purpose. Ex has a rich texture and is great for covering blemishes and wrinkles. UV works best for sunny days because it has the highest SPF out of the three, and Moist refreshes your skin so it becomes clear and silky smooth. Aside from the Mineral BB Cream, Freshel offers essences, emulsions, lotions, whitening creams, and more.

With Freshel’s products, you can save time while giving your skin the care and pampering it deserves. Ordering them is hassle-free and comfortable, too. With BeautyMNL, you don’t have to commute to a shopping center to get your favorite cosmetics and skin care items. Browse through our online catalog and shop away!

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