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Women everywhere and every size, shape, and age seem to be unsatisfied with their bodies—and this nagging negativity holds us back from achieving all that we’re capable of. Fitnesse doesn’t accept this and wants to change it. That is why they want to partner with you and show you amazing ways to “Eat Positive, Act Positive, and Think Positive.” Their crispy flakes have whole grain as the No. 1 ingredient and contain 10 vitamins and minerals, including calcium and iron. So you can get your day off to a wholesome start and smile all morning. Start your day with Fitnesse!

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About Fitnesse

Nestle Fitnesse upholds its brand mission of enhancing life quality and contributing to a healthier future by providing consumers with products that will help them shape their everyday lives. Nowadays, keeping up a healthy and fit lifestyle is quite a challenge given the busy and fast-paced regime of each individual. Fitnesse aids in one’s daily meal consumption by being a helpful dietary constituent filled with vitamins and minerals, whole grain wheat, and fiber.

The Fitnesse line boasts of breakfast must-haves like the Fitnesse Cereal that comes in Original, Honey & Almond, and Fruit variant, Fitnesse Granola in Honey and Cranberry and Fitnesse Cereal Bar in fruity Strawberry and creamy Chocolate. This vast line-up of products help in overall weight maintenance, improved blood circulation, and keeping a balanced eating plan. Fitnesse Cereal is the perfect morning meal to jumpstart your day and give you that boost of energy. Its 14-Day Program is designed to kickstart your weight loss journey. Fitnesse Granola and Cereal Bar are the optimal snacks that give you the energy minus all the bad calories.

BeautyMNL believes in offering healthy alternatives so each one can start a healthy, balanced diet as early as today. Planning out your weekly meals and ingredients have never been so easy.

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