FAZUP produces anti-radiation patches tested and validated by EMITECH (a French laboratory certified by COFRAC) for the measurement of SAR. This revolutionary product works by interacting with the integrated antenna of your mobile phone, modifying the spectrum of its radiation in order to reduce the emission of radiation towards your head when you call, and towards your body when you carry your phone on you. Reliable and very effective, this globally patented technology must be placed in a specific location at the back of your mobile, in accordance with an exclusive placement system, which is specific to each compatible mobile phone. Keep you and your loved one safe with Fazup.

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The BeautyMNL Awards: The 30 Best Wellness Discovery Products of 2019

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About Fazup

Cellphone radiation has still an unknown effect on the human body over the long term. FAZUP patches help keep and your family safe by shielding you and your family from potentially harmful cell phone radiation. Use as directed to keep your loved ones safe and sound.

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