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Farmstay is a Korean beauty brand that offers innovative skincare and makeup. Each product contains active ingredients derived from natural and organic sources to ensure every cream, cleanser, and essence is good for your skin. Experience nature’s way to a healthier, more beautiful complexion with Farmstay!

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About Farmstay

Farmstay is the newest line of organic South Korean beauty products in the Philippines. It specializes in using snail slime technology for skincare. And the company’s journey to using snail products started with an interesting situation.

The discovery of snail slime’s benefits began in Chile. Here, Chilean farmers who were exporting snails to restaurants in Europe noticed the skin on their hands became extremely soft. Injuries and cuts quickly healed without being infected. This made Farmstay conduct extensive research on snail slime’s properties and possible applications in various beauty products.

Various lab studies were then conducted on snail slime, where its effects were tested on a variety of cell cultures. In those studies, research suggested that snail slime will stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, all of which help make the skin more moist, firmer, and more elastic. As such, the science behind snail slime as a viable beauty cream became established.

With these results, it’s clear: snail slime does work. After all, it helps by keeping moisture locked in your skin to repair it and prevent damage. By using it as an ingredient, your skin becomes firm and free from wrinkles. It can also help tighten pores and hydrate skin for a smoother, softer texture.

Overall, snail slime helps in healing damaged, irritated or inflamed skin—this is the main reason why Farmstay has chosen to harness the great health benefits that it can offer. From creams to sheet masks, the company was able to produce a wide variety of products that are based on this revolutionary ingredient.

And unlike most cosmetics and beauty items, Farmstay products are all organic and 100% natural. After all, snail slime itself doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Because they are made with natural ingredients, these products also have a light smell—no harsh fragrances are mixed in.

Now you too can enjoy these high-quality products straight from BeautyMNL. Browse through our Farmstay selection to find the best product for your needs.

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