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Fair Grounds is a local company crafting a line of all natural food products such as organic beenut butters that are infused organic sugar. Most of our ingredients are sourced locally as we also support local fair trade. We believe that supporting local industries while being kind to your waistline isn’t such a bad idea.

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About Fair Grounds

If you’re wondering what the heck a beenut is, it’s a clever name made up by local business Fair Grounds to describe their honey-infused peanut butter. Their organic beenut butter is definitely a hit with most tasters and is starting to gain some traction in local organic food circles. Fair Grounds also supports local industries by sourcing their organic ingredients from different regions of the Philippines, making their beenut butters a truly sweet deal.

Check out their Dark Chocolate Organic Beenut Butter, White Chocolate Organic Beenut Butter, Vanilla Bean & Rose Buds Infused Organic Sugar, Ceylon Cinnamon Infused Organic Sugar, and Original Organic Beenut Butter. If you’re not sure which to pick, try their Original Beenut Butter to taste the hype for yourself.

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