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Faby is an Italian brand that aims to translate Italian sensibilities into rich, gorgeous nail lacquer. Faby offers a vast array of more than 200 shades, each one paying tribute to memories, cinema, literature, voyages, music, and fairytales. From their 400-bristle brushes to their carefully concocted colors, Faby nail products were designed with the modern woman in mind. Faby also takes pride in its 100% cruelty-free production. Its nail products are free from harmful chemicals, making their polishes safe and healthy for you.

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About Faby

Faby is an Italian nail treatment brand that has an extensive portfolio of lacquer-based nail polishes and shades. With over 30 years of experience in the beauty business, it offers you excellent nail styling products.

Each one of its colors pays tribute to Italy’s rich culture, including its films, music, and literature. Other shades allude to the voyages completed and the memories kept by travelers who have visited it. And with close to 200 types of shades, Faby offers a unique mix of colors, from delicate to strong hues. This brand is where classic shades meet original colors for unique and attractive combinations.

Its bottles are also engineered to be as elegant as possible, with a notable capacity for longer use and an ergonomic brush of 400 bristles. This feature sets it above other nail polish brands, ensuring flexibility that allows you to apply the lacquer easily and precisely.

As one of Italy’s leading brands, Faby strives to continuously reduce its environmental footprint and avoids chemically harmful ingredients in its formulations. To that end, its nail lacquer is free of the chemicals belonging to the Big 5: toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor.

It also employs recyclable stylish packaging to reduce waste. This allows you to safely dispose of them without polluting your immediate surroundings.

On top of that, each product is made in collaboration with its partners to ensure the safety of its customers. Part of its commitment also includes the prohibition of animal testing. Faby is steadfast in its belief to delivering products that are blended with formulated with unique ingredients without sacrificing its safety. Each product and is guaranteed to be 100% cruelty-free.

Now, you too can enjoy these high-quality products thanks to BeautyMNL. Browse through our selection to find the right Faby products for your nail care needs.

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